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Record Your Hours


It’s a good thing for you to track your hours separately from how your supervisor or the employer does it:

  • Write down how many hours you work every day.
  • Write down the time you start, the time when you stop for lunch, the time you start working after lunch and the time you stop working.
  • If you are paid a piece rate, also write down how many pieces you made or boxes or buckets you picked, the piece rate and the crop you were working in that day.

It important to keep track of all these things because it’s possible the boss might make a mistake in what he pays you or in other work documents, so it’s good to have this information so you can show what work you did and how much money you should have earned.

It’s a good thing to always have an envelope or a folder where you can keep all your paycheck stubs.  You never know when it might be necessary for you to show where you worked, what you were paid, how much was paid in taxes, etc.

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