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A General Description of the Divorce Process

Wabanaki Legal News, Winter 2012 The Parties to the Divorce The wife and husband are called "the parties to the divorce." How the Process is Started The party who first asks the court for a divorce is called the Plaintiff.  The other party is the Defendant.  

Truth and Reconciliation

Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2012 What is a Truth and Reconciliation Commission? A TRC is a group of people chosen to investigate a problem and make suggestions about how to make the problem better.  This TRC is focusing on what happened to Wabanaki people involved with the Maine child welfare system.

What Is a Will and Why Would I Want One?

Wabanaki Legal News, Summer 2012

Fair Employment Practices

Wabanaki Legal News, Winer 2011

Border Crossing Update

Wabananki Legal News 2011 In June of 2009, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) was put into place. This law imposes stricter document requirements on Native Americans who cross the land borders between the United States and Canada.


Wabanaki Legal News, Summer 2011 Pine Tree Legal has been able to help several tribal members who received Notices of Overpayments from Social Security. There are several things you can do about overpayments, but it is very important to take action quickly when you receive a Notice. It becomes harder for us to help if you wait. If you ignore the...

Indian Child Welfare Act

Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2011 What is the Indian Child Welfare Act?

US Acts on UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples Declaration

Wabanaki Legal News, Summer 2011 In September 2007 the United Nations passed the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). It covers 46 issues important to Native people, including: Self-determination, or the right of a people to decide their political status and government Culture and language Education and health Housing, land,...

The Pyramid v. The Circle

Using circles and pyramids to illustrate the cycle of domestic violence.

Teen Dating Violence

Wabanaki Legal News, Summer 2004 By Nancy Lewey Coordinator Passamaquoddy Peaceful Relations Program Pleasant Point