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Videoconference Rental

Pine Tree Legal Assistance has videoconferencing equipment in its offices around the State (Portland, Augusta, Lewiston, Bangor, Machias and Presque Isle.) When not in use by staff, the videoconferencing facilities can be reserved for use by other nonprofit organizations or private firms. All offices have IP capability; our office in Presque Isle also can be connected to via ISDN.

Videoconferencing facilities can be reserved for use by other nonprofit organizations or private firms. The rating structure is as follows:

  Nonprofit  Private
Standard business hours
(8 - 5 Mon. - Friday) 
$100/hour per site  $175/hour per site
Evening hours
5 - 8 pm Mon - Friday
 $125/hour per site  $200/hour per site
Weekends & Holidays
8 am - 8 pm
 $200/hour per site  $275/hour per site

* If the videoconferencing connection is ISDN-based, ISDN charges will be an additional cost when the call is initiated by the Pine Tree site. (Those charges vary, depending on the location of the external site. Generally, sites inside Maine will involve a minimum ISDN charge of $60/hour and sites outside Maine will be $120/hour.) There is no additional charge when the external site initiates the videoconference or when the call is via IP.

Individuals interested in using the equipment for a specific date and time should contact Mohammed Ahmed. Phone: 207-400-3230. E-mail:

Invoices are payable to Pine Tree Legal Assistance c/o Mohammed Ahmed, Pine Tree Legal Assistance, PO Box 547, Portland, ME 04112. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may be subject to full billing.

About the equipment: The system includes Polycom videoconferencing units with 32" monitors, capable of connecting at speeds up to 384k anywhere inside or outside of Maine. Connecting at 384k for a point to point conference produces a video with a frame rate of 30 frames per second - high quality video transmission. The equipment in our Portland and Bangor offices also has the capacity to connect to 3 other video conferencing sites simultaneously. Local office conference room facilities vary in size but can accommodate between 5 - 12 people, depending on the location. Multi-point conferences produce video with a slower frame rate, but more than adequate for conferences.

Updated August 2017